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Give your deer the edge they need for increased health and antler growth with Big Buck Magnet Amped. Formulated by expert nutritionists, Amped is a mineral based multi-vitamin that packed with the proper minerals and vitamins that are often deficient in nature. This allows it to support immune system health and maximize genetic potential. 

  • High Palatability- formulated with high quality ingredients and unique flavorings to increase consumption and optimize palatability 

  • What They Need- Fortified with complete nutrition with proper levels of minerals and vitamins to help herd health, maximize antler growth, reproductive performance, and nutrient availability

  • Protects- Includes Doc’s Probiotics and other prebiotics for advanced herd health

  • Attractant- Contains strong flavor and aroma to keep deer coming back for more

Durability- Designed to disperse and dissolve into the soil for long lasting effects

Size: 20lb Bag

SKU: 620050

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